The Grease Guy
Cooking oil and grease removal service
We are Licensed by the Minister of Environment for grease trap cleaning within Ontario. Call for a quote appointment or to schedule a cleaning.

I thank you for your continued support and trust and look forward to growing further with you in the future.

Best regards
Jason Velenosi
The Grease Guy is a used cooking oil and restaurant grease removal company. Based in the Southern Ontario area.
We specialize in regular scheduled and emergency pick ups. Large or small amounts, we can handle it.

We can set up your restaurant with a regular scheduled pick up service thats tailored to your needs.

Providing your Restaurant with a lockable bulk tank or 45 gallon drum.

Our pail removal service if you can not accommodate a drum is always free, unlike our competitors that charge extra for this service or don't offer it at all.

We will provide a fresh and clean drum every pick up. Not an emptied dirty smelly container like other companies leave you with.

Our policy is to provide a worry free service where you'll never need to call for a pick up, ever again.

We will always pay you competitive prices for your used cooking grease and oil.


Our personal service makes the difference.

So please give us a call and try us out.
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